Adventure 3



המחיר כולל הדרכה והתקנה.

Single extruder Principle FFF

Quick detachable nozzle Build size 150mm*150mm*150mm

Fully-closed design Filament PLA spool/1.75mm

Heat bed Print Precision ±0.20mm

Free of leveling Positioning Precision Z axis 0.0025mm,

XY axis 0.011mm

Removable and flexible print bed Layer Thickness 0.05~0.4 mm

Remote camera watching Speed 30~100mm/s

2.8-inch touch screen panel Nozzle Diameter 0.40mm

Multi-language package for multilingual operation Max extruder temperature 240℃

Automatic feed filament Connection USB cable / USB stick / WIFI

Automatic unload filament Operation system Win xp/Vista/7/8/10、Mac OS、


Filaments running out remind Input Power 100-240V AC Input 100W

Ultra-silent running 45dB Slicing Software Flashprint

Intelligent supports(Linear&Tree-like supports) Heating Plate Temp. 100℃

Self-developed slice software File Type

Input:3MF/ STL


Output: GX/G

CE FCC ROHS certificates Language Chinese/English

Cloud compatible Packaging weight N.W.: 13kg ,G.W.: 10kg

Compatible slicing software Slic3r, Skeinforge, Cura(need


Carton size 480 x 420 x 510 mm