Famous YouTube channels in 3D

It is important to note that many of the famous YouTube channels in 3D promote certain Egyptians and their opinion is not always clean.

My opinion on the subject is that we all often look at the jar and not at what’s inside and there are channels that have better content.

We strive to improve our channel (there is a lot to improve) so that we can give you more professional knowledge

our channel

There are also internal training videos on the site that contain Facebook Live and other training videos

We will also be happy to congratulate Jonathan Levy, the Israeli YouTuber with the most subscribers in Israel (the videos are in English) to watch the channel


Naomi Wu – first place in the number of subscribers

In my opinion, there is no very high technical level, but probably printing a small bra with big boobs is more interesting.

Why should we argue whether success in the end has the highest number of masses.

– Second place in the number of subscribers – Maker Muse
A very young and very talented guy, most of his videos are short and interesting

– 3rd place in the number of subscribers contains many unique tips – 3D Printing Nerd

– 3rd place in the number of subscribers Rick
He has a lot of very interesting lithography videos and printer comparisons.

Thomas Sanladerer 4th place in the number of subscribers He has a lot of explanations spread over a wide variety of fields
And it is the most professional , but because of the very long videos it is less popular.

For calibrating calipers and assembling older YouTuber printers are usually better.
For open source printer configuration settings, Thomas (4th place) is best.

Additional recommendations on recommended YouTubers will be welcomed.

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