Recommendations regarding electrical connections in 3D printers

In most cases refers to assembly kits (cheap printers).

According to the law, it is forbidden to mess with a voltage of 220V.

There are power supplies with the ability to switch to 110V, it happened that a child saw a video in the US and moved the button and burned the supply.

Has anything like this happened to anyone?

Anyway to check, because it sometimes develops slowly.
To perform the operations shown at the bottom of the post (if applicable) to extend the shelf life of the printer.
Anyone who has a small child in the house and his transformer is open, in my opinion he must perform all the actions because if God forbid the child takes a screwdriver puts it in the wrong place he will get electrocuted !!!

In the country the law requires that each twisted wire is required to be properly held (not twisted and scattered).

The problem is that most machines come from China and encounter a number of common problems:

  1. Endlessly twisted threads / forks that attach to the thread even in areas of high ampere consumption such as heaters and main voltage of the printer.
  2. Input voltage for a 220V wire transformer without a ground connection.

At a low DC voltage like 5V or 12V there is usually no need (there is a connector) and there is no risk of electrocution, but at a voltage of 220V AC it is a must!!!

  1. That I am an open voltage without a box and sometimes also without a protective plastic for connections

So what should be done about electrical connections in printers?

  1. Jump to an electronics or electrical store to buy a final pressure pliers (approx. 60 NIS), a final of 2.5 mm (10 approx. NIS) and a final of 1.5 (approx. 10 NIS), for connection to the supplier you must also purchase forks.

If you do not know where to buy in the extension (nationwide distribution), Tel Aviv on Mount Zion Street, corner of Lewinsky, there is a sequence of parking lots.

After buying, disconnect voltage from the machine and disconnect the connections with them slightly black, cut the end, expose the capacitor to the point where the wire is shiny, then connect the end and press with the pliers several times until the wire is well gripped (part of the wires 2.5, 2 mm 2 mm M or 1.5mm depending on the thread the finality should be adjusted)

  1. If the machine supplier did not prepare a wire with 3 strands.

A ready-made wire with 3 strands costs about 10 NIS to buy and connect according to the markings on the transformer.

  1. If I’m open.

– It is recommended when you go to the store to take the box because there are different sizes of transformers.
– It is mandatory to create ventilation for the box, it is also possible with an opening without fans, provided that there is no possibility of touching the wires.
– It is also possible to connect a 12V receiver connection to 2 lights, one input and one output.
– The cost of a box with a standard note is about NIS 60.


The costs are negligible compared to the damage it can cause.
If you have any questions on the subject I would be happy to advise and help if needed.

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