Ends 3 V2

As of 2021-2020 the printers win the title of Best Budget Printer according to ALL 3DP magazine (the most considered in the field) To the full article .

Printer specifications:
  • Printing area 22 * 22 * 25 cm
  • You can work with Cura / Simplify3D / Prusa slicer software
  • Weight 7.8 KG
  • Maximum surface temperature – 100 degrees
  • The diameter of the wire is 1.75 mm
  • PLA, PETG and also TPU elastic can be printed
  • Meanwell’s high quality power supply (significantly better than older models)
  • Contains a high-quality glass printing surface with carbon that makes it easier to remove the model
  • Accuracy ± 0.1 mm
  • 220V operating voltage (comes with an Israeli 3-pin cable)
  • Stretch strap for the X-axis is more comfortable than previous models

Please note that our good base model has a number of notable advantages:

  1. SD made by Sundisk Israel (prevents unnecessary glitches that are very difficult to detect)
  2. 4 surface springs to keep the surface calibrated for longer
  3. Assembling a printer (in some areas including installation)
  4. Tutorial on CURA software + background for the field + updates for additional videos for a year for free
Our goal is to give the highest value for your money
For a consultation call: Morale – 0508223065
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