PLA Silk

PLA Silk Silk – a material with a very high gloss, so the print stripes are less noticeable to the eye (they do exist).

In most cases, it is weaker than PLA PRO or PLA+ , since it does not have strengthening additives, but shiny ones.

But the disadvantage is also an advantage since models that require hard supports to disassemble in PLA Silk are easier to disassemble and get a better look.

The material is not suitable for anything functional but only for models.

Silk PLA is an innovative material with a unique texture that combines luxury and stability, making it perfect for creative and formal applications.

There are 4 types of PLA silk:

Removed a single color-

More common and has been on the market longer.

Its quality is usually better than two-color or trio.
Also works with a normal PLA PRO profile. (faster)

PLA 1.75 silk gold
two-color silk-

Special and uniform visibility, definitely gives a special effect.

You have to print more slowly, in Salisers there is a profile for SILK which is slower

Dual Silk PLA 1.75mm - Gold Rose - pink gold
Silk Trio (3 colors)-

Special and uniform visibility, definitely gives a special effect.

The newest of them all should be printed more slowly.
Salisers have a profile for SILK which is slower.

eliminated rainbow colors –

Interchangeable and suitable for large products otherwise the effect cannot be seen.
There is normal and there is metallic in general works just like a single color silk

PLA 1.75 silk rainbow

It is possible for printers that have 4 colors like the X1 Carbon Combo or other printers that have AMS to have the visibility advantage of the PLA Silk with the strength of other materials.

In general, a single color eraser works with Generic PLA settings in the Bambu studio slicer.

In addition, it should be taken into account that the lifespan of the material is a little shorter than PLA PRO

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