Huge database of free STL downloads

3D models for download

Note: When downloading free materials, check their integrity and examine the downloaders’ responses and the creator’s recommendations.

100% print quality is not guaranteed.

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Links to free file downloads:

The largest free site in the world is also the most common.

Leading to mechanical products.

Not all files are in STL, sometimes in Solidworks (Part or Assembly) format.

A site that takes from a number of different sources.

Repository mainly for scanned products and art

A site with a slightly smaller database but better quality.

A type of search engine from several different sources.

Website for art products.

A huge database of free downloads is conveniently divided into categories.

Suitable for NASA enthusiasts and space products.

A site for models mainly for the free sketching software SketchUp.

A small reservoir but each product is of very high quality.

Links to file downloads Part of the free paid part:

Most products are paid downloads but you can mark the free products in the options bar.

A site that has about 50% of its products free and the rest for a fee.

No more than 70 free products and the rest for a fee.

Amazing products but expensive like oil.

Also of Turbo Scout only for free, not all files are STL.

Many of them are downloadable 3D model scan files that can be converted to STL.

Some products are paid and some are free.

* If you have additional sources of quality for 3D printing we will be happy to share with you.

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