A little bit about Biound 3D

We eat, sleep, and print in 3D. We provide comprehensive and diverse services starting from printing jobs, selling printers and equipment and of course physical and digital professional courses that will enrich your knowledge.

Moral Gitlin, CEO of Beyond 3D

The company’s vision is to become a leading company of its kind in providing valuable solutions to the 3D world.
Our goal is to provide you with groundbreaking solutions in the field of printers and raw materials for the 3D world, to an audience of users with high quality requirements.
In addition, it is important for us to advance to innovative technologies, to be updated, to think outside the box to become more efficient, to improve processes, to act boldly and with professional openness while maintaining a high professional level

You can contact me regarding any question, promise to answer each one personally.

My personal number: 050-8223065