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About Us

We eat, sleep, and print in 3D. We provide comprehensive and diverse services starting from printing jobs, selling printers and equipment and of course physical and digital professional courses that will enrich your knowledge.
In the categories of purchasing professional printers, we always give one-on-one guidance. In cases where there is no experience, you can also request training at our offices in Tel Aviv (with the purchase of a printer).

Our company has existed since 2018 and since then the field has expanded just like computers in the 80s. The growth of the domain is exponential, which means that every year the domain doubles itself. In the beginning, the 3D printers would come at the level of a screw, a strap, a bearing and you had to connect everything.
In recent years, printers have entered with AI that automatically detects faults and is indeed present in some FDM, DLP and MSLA 3D printers.

We will be happy to advise you on the most suitable printer for your needs.

Morel Gitlin, CEO

The company vision of Beyond 3D is to become a leading company of its kind in providing valuable solutions to the 3D world. Our goal is to provide you with groundbreaking solutions in the field of printers and raw materials for the 3D world, to an audience of users with high quality requirements. In addition, it is important for us to advance to innovative technologies, to be updated, to think outside the box to become more efficient, to improve processes, to act boldly and with professional openness while maintaining a high professional level. In addition, our goal is to give you the maximum value for your product, and to create a WIN WIN situation. When there is a correct characterization and a correct way of working, it is possible to create long-term business. You can contact me about any question on the subject, I promise to answer everyone personally.

My personal number: 050-8223065